1124 Pensieri De Lunedi: The One


One of the best feelings in the world is when someone believes and tells you, you are the one. 

11.22.14 JMT & ACSA

1027 Pensieri de Lunedi: Dark Times

Dark Times...

You are still here…. Hang in there.

Happy Bones Coffee, New York

 Coffee inspires creativity. Coffee calms the wandering artist.


Happy Bones, New York #thelionessandhercoffee

Happy Bones is a quaint and vibrant cafe located at Little Italy. It is the perfect spot to take a breather and reenergise yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed by hustle and bustle of city life. 


Happy Bones NYC

The space might be small but the simple interior, white walls, and creative decors will give your mind the rest and balance it is seeking. 


Books and whole lot of inspiration at Happy Bones

 If you feel like your creativity is on a stand-still, look through their unique books and merchandise and you might just find the “aha moment” you’re looking for. 


….Definitely Flat White :) #thelionessandhercoffee

A flat white lover at heart, it was truly a comfort to know they are offering it. I wish though that it was creamier but nonetheless, it was still great coffee. 

Happy Bones

Flat White and Blue Cheese & Pecan Scone #thelionessandhercoffee

I read several reviews that Happy Bones have delectable doughnuts so it was quite disappointing they didn’t have it when I went but their Blue Cheese & Pecan Scone was an excellent match to my coffee. 

Location: 394 Broome St. New York

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1006 Pensieri de Lunedi: Date. Steps. Action.



If you don’t have a date and if you have no steps in mind, stop fooling yourself that you are working towards a dream and stop making other people believe. Time waits for no one. 

Rice To Riches, New York #dessertcomesfirst

Rice to Riches is definitely a haven for dessert and rice lovers! And this is only one of the reasons why I love SoHo.


Rice To Riches NY #dessertcomesfirst

 The idea of a rice pudding may be too common or simple but Rice to Riches found a way to make it exciting and vibrant for the compulsively obsessed dessert loving people. It is a complete experience!


Rice to Riches NY #dessertcomesfirst

As soon as you enter the store, you will feel this electrifying and contagious energy as if everyone is having an adrenalin rush as they try to pick one flavour over the other.

Rice To Riches

Funny Quotes on the walls of Rice To Riches

You look at the walls and immediately you are glued to the experience. You zoom out and zoom in to appreciate the wall art. You tug  the polo shirt of the person you’re with to share the experience. You laugh your hearts out as if each phrase has a hidden meaning for the both of you. And then you understand why Rice to Riches is almost like a  happy drug.


Sin Legally at Rice to Riches

As the line gets shorter, your eyes marvel at the vibrant colours and you feel like a child in a candy store. You close your eyes as you let your senses decide on which flavour will give your day the perfect ending. You open your mouth and finally say your sin- “One medium cup of Fluent in French Toast & Raspberry Statement please.” And that’s all it takes to lose your self-control for a minute…or maybe the entire the night. After all, it’s been a long day, a long week. Losing yourself in a dessert is always one of the best luxuries in life.

Rice to Riches!

Oh so good flavors!

The best experiences are shared with those you love. Try different flavours and get lost in the moment!

Highly Recommended Flavors: Fluent in French Toast, Play it Again Butter Pecan, and Man-made Mascarpone

Location: 37 Spring St. New York

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After A While


We all go on a journey to find clarity and answers. Ironically, sometimes uncertainty is the only answer we can find. And after a while we realise that we can’t find our self and future in someone else’s eyes. After a while we realise that we have been living a dream that only we can see. And we learn to endure…to hope… or maybe one day to simply let go. 

0929 Pensieri de Lunedi: Your Dream. My Dream.




At the end of the day, I would rather live in my own dream. :)

(Photo from Womankind Magazine)

0922 Pensieri De Lunedi: The Answer


Because some answers do not need further explanation.

And some heartbreaks change you completely.


0915 Pensieri de Lunedi: Coffee Kind of Weather

It’s a coffee kind of weather. :)


What is more luxurious than a cup of Campos coffee, a nice view, and rain?


(Image source: pinterest.com)

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, New York

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee so I start my days with a trip to a good coffee shop. One of the best cafes in New York is Stumptown Coffee Roasters.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters #thelionessandhercoffee

I dropped by their first cafe in New York, which is at the lobby of The Ace Hotel at 18 West 29th Street. A long line welcomed me but that was a good sign!


Stumptown Coffee Roasters #thelionessandhercoffee

The industrial interior gave the cafe a cool vibe. The actual cafe didn’t have any seats but you can meet with your friends and colleagues at the lobby of the hotel. I also noticed that their entire team was made up of women. I’m not sure if it was intentional but I like the idea of it. :)

They have several merchandise but more are available on their website.


Coffee & Doughnut

Their cappuccino and Dulce de Leche doughnut is a match made in heaven! The creaminess of the cappuccino did not overpower the coffee, which I was happy about. The doughnut had a sweet filling in the middle, which woke my heart,  made me smile…


Dulce de Leche Doughnut by Stumptown

…and it even wished me luck!

After enjoying my “breakfast”, I bought their House and Holler Mountain Blends  and to my surprise they gave me a free cup of coffee! Now, that’s something all cafes should do.

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