The Science Behind the Wanderer’s Suitcase

My boyfriend always asks me why it takes so long for me to pack. For such a fashionable man, it amazes me that he still needs to ask.

I guess men will never understand that for women traveling is one of the  best opportunities to dress up. At the same time the way you dress will be immortalized through your photos so always be well-dressed. Packing the right amount of clothes and accessories and remaining stylish at the same time is a science in itself.

So what is the science behind the Wanderer’s suitcase or at least my suitcase?
– Read about the culture of the place you’re visiting and acquaint yourself with its values and traditions so you can respect them.  While you want to stand out, you wouldn’t want to cause conflict. Believe me, it’s also for your own safety.

– Check the 7-day weather forecast so you know what to expect. If you know someone from the place you’re visiting ask them at least 2 days ahead so you still have time to adjust your wardrobe.

– Know your itinerary and then choose a color scheme. One of the keys to having great photos is making sure that you don’t get drowned by the scenery. Pick a color scheme that will make you standout and use the scenery as your backdrop.

– You need not be plain. Just make sure you can mix and match your tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.

– Invest on a light but very spacious bag. I traveled with a friend to Paris last year and we only had 20 kilos baggage allowance. When we arrived at  the check-in counter, her luggage was overweight. As she transferred her things to my bag, we realized that all she was able to fit in was a pair of boots, pajamas, jeans, and her boxes of cigarettes. Remember it is always nice to have some extra space because that means you can shop!

– Don’t forget to allocate space and weight for your must haves.

Men might be light travelers by nature but women…well…may be smarter :) or at least would prefer to wander in style!

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