Salute Mama!

As a marketer, I am accustomed to public speaking. I relish being on-stage and telling people stories. But last night, I found myself speechless… It was my mum’s 52nd birthday and I was asked to raise a toast. We didn’t have a big celebration. In fact, it was just my dad, my boyfriend, and myself…but I was reluctant. And I was surprised to find myself in such situation.

I always find it so much harder to speak in front of my family because I’m not merely telling a story or pitching to a client. I am are baring my heart and soul because they don’t deserve any less than that.

In a retreat I attended last year, one of the mentors said that we all wear masks. We all find the need to wear one to cover up our inhibitions and fears because we only want to be seen in our best version. There’s always something so chilling about letting go of our masks but the truth is even if we wear one, our families can see right through it.

But I for one am lucky to have a family that allows me to be my best and worst version. It is with them that I can be myself and not be scared of being judged.

So here goes my toast:

Mum, it is tradition in France to toast to three things. So I toast….

           To your unwavering love – may it always strengthen our family,

To your good health so you may see the world and fulfill your bucket list, 

          To your dreams – be it for yourself, community, or family. 



So many people can only dream of having a mother like you and I am truly blessed to be your daughter. Happy happy birthday!

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